Wheels & Tires at Jamacor Industries

We use our cars to get from point A to point B and by doing so, we need to make sure our vehicle is functioning properly. Tires are one of the many essential parts of the car. Without the tires, it’s very difficult for the car to move at all. This is why maintaining the car’s tires are just as important as any other portion of the car. Here at our auto accessories shop, we’ll explain you each problem you can face with your tires while giving you the best options for new tires.

People will forget to check their air pressure and that can cause flat tires in no time. If tires are not properly inflated, they are more likely to take damage out on the road. Not all asphalt is smooth, meaning uneven ditches in the road could give your tires some major problems.

For a safe and stable journey, your tires need to be aligned and balanced properly. We offer brakes for you in order to ensure that your car is in perfect driving condition and interior accessories for stylistic purposes.

For more information on our wheels & tire service, contact Jamacor Industries in Redlands, CA today. It’s time to get the best care for your care.


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